Saturday, February 16, 2013

Investigating the Hottie

Investigating the Hottie

By Juli Alexander

Summary: Peterson. Amanda Peterson. When my life suddenly turns into the Princess Diaries meets Mission Impossible, can I do in a week what I haven’t managed to do in all my fifteen years—reel in a hottie?

Investigating the Hottie is a completed young adult romance. When Amanda spends a week with her aunt, Christie, she learns that her aunt is a spy. Christie admits that Amanda has security clearance and has already started her training. When her aunt asks her to investigate a teenage hacker, Amanda thinks that spending time with a nerd should be doable despite her social ineptitude. Unfortunately for Amanda, the hacker is a hottie.

Genre: YA, Romance, Humor

Published: December 27, 2012

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Rating: 3 Stars

This book was hilarious, though some parts were a bit unrealistic in the end. I enjoyed this a lot, but I was kind of bored at the end, hence the three stars instead of four.

Some things I liked were that this book made me laugh hysterically in a few parts. It is a great book for fans of Ally Carter, and it doesn't rip off Gallagher Girls like I feared it might when I saw that it was 'Great for fans of Gallagher Girls.' And Will was quite dreamy, I have to say.

However, as I mentioned before, this book didn't have a very exciting ending. I was a bit bored with it. Also, some commas were missing from certain places, but that was only about twice, and only a grammar nerd like me would ever notice that, so it isn't that bothersome. Other than that, there was nothing really bad about this book. It was a laugh out loud story!

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