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The Perfect Place to Run

The Perfect Place to Run

By Beth McGirt Adams

Summary: Kayla Demery knows that God has someone special planned just for her, but as she is just 16, that's a long time coming. On a church Purity Retreat however, her idea of God's plan for her life is seriously challenged when she falls for Nate, a guy who has no relationship with God whatsoever.
Genre: YA, Christian, Realistic Fiction
Published: December 15, 2011
Similar Books: Currently N/A
Rating: 3 stars
Cute, predictable--those are the words I would use to describe this book. I didn't hate it, I didn't love it. It was all right; a bit above average, but not quite 3.5 stars.

I'll start off with what I didn't enjoy.  If this seems harsh, it isn't meant to be.  I simply have very many feelings about this book, and not all of them are good.

Kayla annoyed me. I'll just come out and say it. She started out as a holier-than-thou Christian, in my opinion. Oh, he has a scar; what a bad boy! Oh, I can't kiss, it's not God's plan for me. Sorry, but that's just how I saw her character.  Even when she realized that she loved Nate, she was still convinced that it wasn't God's plan for her life because he wasn't a strong enough Christian guy.  Well, DUH! He just became one! You can't expect him to be Billy Graham or anything! Give him some time!  And  also, I don't think there's nothing wrong with falling in love on a purity retreat.  I would consider that luck, because then that person would have the same values you do.
And then, we have Mark. Mark was having a hard time getting it through his head that Kayla wasn't interested. A REALLY hard time. Wow. That's all I can say.  And, yeah; the plot was a bit predictable. I knew right away what was going to happen as soon as I heard how the author described Nate and what Kayla thought of Nate.

What I did like: It wasn't poorly written, which is sadly common with indie/self-published books. I didn't have to constantly correct spelling and grammar errors. And, after Kayla started being less judgmental, I started to like her. The characters, for the most part, were well-written; when I mean that, I mean that they were 3-D and dynamic, not that I necessarily liked every single one of them. (See above rant.) So, it's a nice, clean read. I would recommend it to christian teens, especially girls.

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