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By Robinson Wells

Summary: Benson Fisher thought that a scholarship to Maxfield Academy would be the ticket out of his dead-end life.

He was wrong.

Now he's trapped in a school that's surrounded by a razor-wire fence. A school where video cameras monitor his every move. Where there are no adults. Where the kids have split into groups in order to survive.

Where breaking the rules equals death.

But when Benson stumbles upon the school's real secret, he realizes that playing by the rules could spell a fate worse than death, and that escape--his only real hope for survival--may be impossible.

Genre: YA, Dystopian, Adventure, Mystery

Published: September 26, 2011

Similar Books: Currently N/A

Rating: 5 stars!

WOW. The last time I read something, this engaging, this exciting, was when I read Hunger Games. I kid you not. At first, it did not seem like an action kind of story at all, but as I went along, the story gets better and more action packed. Variant is not some generic YA novel; it was an awesome, original, read with twists and turns that you will never, ever, EVER expect. It is amazing!

The plot was good to start with. I can honestly say it kept me on the edge of my seat from the very beginning, but by the end of the book, I was completely out of my seat and jumping up and down. (Figuratively, of course) Maybe this is the greatest testament to how much I am in love with this book: I don't like giving out five stars at ALL. I am trying to work on being a more critical reviewer. But I could not give this book anything less. It deserves six stars, in my opinion. I haven't said that of any book but HG.

And gosh! That ending--I won't give anything away for those of you who haven't been fortunate enough to read Variant, but let's just say that I had Feedback, Variant's sequel, on hold at my library literally two minutes after finishing this book.  And no, that's NOT an exaggeration. I was expecting a cliché, happily-ever-after kind of closing. But the cliffhanger that Robinson Wells wrote could not have been more shocking, more fantastic! He should teach other authors to write endings; I can't emphasize how spectacular it was! I know for a fact I will be staying up tonight, thinking about this book. I have never read any of this author's books before, but Variant has made me a die hard fan. I think one word sums up Variant: awesome.

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