Friday, March 15, 2013

Review: Boys Are Dogs

Boys Are Dogs

Boys Are Dogs

By Leslie Margolis

Summary: Middle-school boys act like wild animals.

That’s what Annabelle discovers on her first day in her brand-new life. Birchwood Middle School is totally different from her old all-girls elementary. In fact, lots of things in Annabelle’s life are totally different now that she’s back from summer camp. There’s mom’s new boyfriend, a new house, new friends—even a new puppy that likes to chew on Annabelle’s clothes. Well, at least the puppy comes with a leash and a training manual! If only she could say the same for the boys . . .

Featuring Annabelle’s hilarious take on friendship, boys, and her all-new life, this novel / survival guide perfectly captures the joy—and agony—of junior high school. And it might just teach you how to tame the wildest beast of all, the teenage boy.
Genre: Chick Lit, Humor, Juvenile, Realistic Fiction
Published: September 2, 2008
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My Rating: 4 stars
This book was so. much. fun! I liked it almost as much as Girl's Best Friend by the same author!

I normally don't enjoy reading about 11 year olds, because most authors manage to make them sound like complete idiots who don't know how to do anything and may as well be in preschool. That is SO not an accurate depiction, and it makes me think they forgot what it was like to be that age. Not Leslie Margolis, though. She made a relatable character with struggles that kids and even teens can relate to, and adults will remember having when they were children.

The dog training part of the book was funny and I found myself wondering if this could actually work if I had tried it in sixth grade. I'm thinking it probably would have. (Though I probably would have gotten a reputation for being bossy.)

So, I would definitely recommend this book, especially to girls ages 9-12. It was a good read, and I am placing a hold on the second book in the series as soon as I am done writing this review!

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