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Review: Chasing the Secret

Chasing the Secret (Sisters of the Sword, #2)

Chasing the Secret

By Maya Snow

Summary: A samurai will overcome all obstacles to face her enemy with honor. And she will show no mercy.

Kimi and her sister, Hana, disguised themselves as boys to study at Master Goku's dojo--and to prepare themselves to take revenge on the uncle who murdered their father and older brothers. They have become masters of the sword, and their combat skills are deadly. But after Master Goku's death, the sisters' future is uncertain.

When their uncle sees through their disguise, Kimi and Hana flee the dojo, but not all hope is lost: Word has come that their mother and younger brother are alive and waiting for them. Can Kimi, Hana, and their friend Tatsuya risk the perils that lie ahead and defeat their uncle in the hunt for their missing family? To do so, the young warriors must withstand terrible battles, treachery, shadowy ninja--and their own fear, on a journey that may lead them to their loved ones . . . and to the most dangerous choice of Kimi's life.
Genres: Adventure, Historical Fiction, Juvenile/YA
Published: February 1, 2009
Similar: Young Samurai series by Chris Bradford, Sisters of the Sword by Maya Snow
My Rating: 4 stars
Gosh, how I love this series. Chasing the Secret starts up right where Sisters of the Sword left off, and it does not take long for the thrilling action that was so prominent in Sisters of the Sword to show up in here. This book was just as exciting as the first and did not disappoint me at all!

Kimi and Hana do not disappoint in this story. The kick-butt female samurais show up again and show those male samurais a thing or two. I loved how Kimi would get out of bad situation after bad situation, without it being over repetitive. The plot twists in this book are unexpected in a good way, and I have a feeling that one of them is leading up to Tatsuyu finding his father! -squeal-

This isn't just an action book, though. I learned a bit about how life was back in Japan back then. I'll admit that I learned more in Sisters of the Sword, but there are still a couple interesting tidbits in here.

And the ending made me so eager to read book three! Maya Snow absolutely rocks at writing endings so that you can't wait until you can read the next book. The only thing library does not have book three. Poo.

So, if you haven't read this book, I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend it. Like I said in Sisters of the Sword, even people who hate reading have a good chance of becoming hooked on this addicting series!

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