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Double Vision

Double Vision

Double Vision

By F.T. Bradley

Summary: One's a Secret Agent, One's Not.

Twelve-year-old Linc is a trouble-maker with a dilemma. His antics on a recent school field trip went way overboard, landing his already poor family with a serious lawsuit. So when two secret agents show up at his house, Linc is eager to take them up on their offer to make the lawsuit disappear. They just need one tiny favor.

Turns out Linc looks exactly like one of their top kid agents--an agent who's vanished during a vitally important mission. But no debriefing can prepare Linc for how dangerous the mission really is. It's too bad he isn't a black belt, a math genius, or a distance runner like his agent double. He'll need all those skills and more if he hopes to make it out of this mission alive. . . .
Genre: Juvenile, Adventure, Humor, Mystery
Published: October 16, 2012
Similar: Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz
My Rating: 4 stars
This book is one of my favorite spy stories I've read in a while. It was better than Stormbreaker! (You know, the Alex Ryder series?) When I started, this was my main fear that was quickly dispelled: that this book would be a book that only young boys could enjoy. Well, as I said before, this fear quickly went away and I became wrapped up in the story.

Now, I know the the twin thing has been in a couple books I've read, but that didn't mean that I was bored because of it; the author did an amazing job and managed to keep it new and fresh so that it didn't seem like a bad remake of Prince and the Pauper like most 'we look identical' plotlines. I loved it! It was very interesting to see Ben and Linc interact with each other.

The bad guys in this book were also well-written. In many spy stories for kids, it's implied that the bad guys are like the mafia, but ten times worse, and the people end up falling way short of every single expectation the reader has. In this book, F.T. Bradley managed to make it believable, yet not so scary that kids would be freaked out by the book.

Also, this book was funny! Though a lot of the humor would appeal more to middle-grade boys, there were still parts where I had to giggle.

All in all, it was a really good book!  I would recommend this mainly to boys ages 7-12, but that doesn't mean that they aren't the only people who can enjoy this exciting story.


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