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By Wendelin Van Draanen

Summary: Flipped is a romance told in two voices. The first time Juli Baker saw Bryce Loski, she flipped. The first time Bryce saw Juli, he ran. That’s pretty much the pattern for these two neighbors until the eighth grade, when, just as Juli is realizing Bryce isn’t as wonderful as she thought, Bryce is starting to see that Juli is pretty amazing. How these two teens manage to see beyond the surface of things and come together makes for a comic and poignant romance.
Genre: Juvenile/YA, Humor, Realistic Fiction, Romance
Published: January 1, 2001
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My Rating: 4.5 stars
Thank you, Goodwill, for having this amazing gem of a book. I loved it very much.

Why did I love it, you ask? Good question! Well, here are the main reasons:

The characters were all kinds of amazing. Juli Baker was this, deep, philosophical, smart, lovable girl who I could really relate to, though she is loads smarter than I am. Bryce Loski was this cute, determined, (Yes he was! The ending proves it!) slightly less lovable boy whose feelings are real and understandable. Mike and Matt were these funny brothers who didn't show up much, but who I still really liked. Lynetta was this brave, stubborn girl who I was applauding when she stood up to her father, a man who needed a good punch in the face. Bryce's grandpa was so awesome. And Juli's parents were also of the awesome variety.

The plot was not overly romantic as I feared it might be. It was a wonderful, realistic, heartwarming depiction of the life of two junior-highers, but it really wasn't romantic (read: cheesy crap) at all.

And the switching POVs? Loved it. You got a different view of each scene and character in each chapter. So, each chapter gave you different opinions, information, and made you see the scene in a different light.  I sometimes find switching POVs a bit annoying, but in Flipped it was done very well.

Oh, and who could forget the Matt and Mike's many (hilarious) band names? (LOL LOL LOL)

Loved it. 'Nuff said.


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