Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review: Goldenhood



By Jessica Randall

Summary: Curiosity is a dangerous thing.

Whispers have followed Elise Dubois all her life. Dark intrigue runs through her ancient family line. The temptation has finally proven too much, and Elise searches for truth in the tales.

Now the old legends have returned. The village lays torn by suspicion, and a young girl must face evil to protect what is left of her family. But with two opposing forces vying for her allegiance, she must first decide which side she is on.
Genre: Retellings, Fantasy, YA
Published: December 4, 2012
Similar: Snow White & Rose Red: The Curse of the Huntsman by Lilly Fang
My Rating: 3 stars

Until halfway through Goldenhood, I was kind of bored. The story lacked a plot that I could really be immersed in, and the mystery had yet to reach its height. But then, right before the 50% mark on my kindle, I got really into the story.

It was interesting to learn about this particular fairy tale. I'd heard of Little Red Riding Hood, but never Goldenhood; at first I thought they were the same, but they aren't. Now, I have to read this fairy tale!

The book had a great mystery I thought I had guessed it, but I was still a bit surprised at the end. It was more than I'd expected! There was a teeny bit of a love triangle, but it wasn't a big part of the plot, and Elise, the heroine, never dwells on it. In the end, it added to the book's ending and would not be annoying to anyone who doesn't like love triangles. (I enjoy them!)

I would recommend this to people who enjoy the author Robin McKinley, or retold fairy tales in general.

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