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Review: Princess of Glass

Princess of Glass (Princess #2)

Princess of Glass

By Jessica Day George

Summary: Hoping to escape the troubles in her kingdom, Princess Poppy reluctantly agrees to take part in a royal exchange program, whereby young princes and princesses travel to each other's countries in the name of better political alliances--and potential marriages. It's got the makings of a fairy tale--until a hapless servant named Eleanor is tricked by a vengeful fairy godmother into competing with Poppy for the eligible prince. Ballgowns, cinders, and enchanted glass slippers fly in this romantic and action-packed happily-ever-after quest from an author with a flair for embroidering tales in her own delightful way.
Genre: YA, Retellings, Fantasy, Romance
Published: May 25, 2010
Similar: Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George
My Rating: 4 stars
I really, really, REALLY liked this book. Jessica Day George is on the fast track to becoming one of my absolute favorite authors!

This is a retelling of Cinderella, but it may be the most original retelling I've ever read! (Though, I am planning on reading Cinder soon, so that could change.) I've never read a Cinderella tale that made me want to punch Cinderella in the face. I ended up liking Ellen, the Cindy of this story, a lot better near the end, but at the beginning I absolutely hated her.

Poppy was an even better main character than Rose, the main character in Princess of the Midnight Ball. She was funny, spirited, and brave. I didn't really like Christian as much as Galen, but he was a nice character as well. I would love if Poppy was in more books as a main character.

I was rushing through this; not because I wanted to get it over with, but because I couldn't wait to see what would happen next! There is just one thing that I was still wondering at the end of the book; are Poppy's dreams just dreams? Or are they the making of the next sequel, which I know there is, but have no idea what it's about?

Ooh, and I have to say one thing about the Corley. Her character is like the fantasy version of an unsub on Criminal Minds! Really, her backstory and her actions were like sorceress meets psycho on a crime show. I loved it!

So, I really liked this book. It was just as good as the first, if not better!

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