Monday, April 1, 2013

Review: Yellowfang's Secret

Yellowfang's Secret (Warriors Super Edition)

Yellowfang's Secret

By Erin Hunter

Blurb: Yellowfang has dedicated her life to ShadowClan. She is a loyal medicine cat, ready and willing to do anything to protect her Clanmates and keep them safe. But a dark secret haunts her, threatening her life and the lives of every cat around her....
Genre: Fantasy, Juvenile/YA
Published: August 21, 2012
Series: Warriors by Erin Hunter
Similar: Crookedstar's Promise by Erin Hunter, Bluestar's Destiny by Erin Hunter
My Rating: 5 stars
This book  I was sure it would be good, but this.... no words.  I was definitely not expecting to love it as much as I did, because I hadn't liked Crookedstar's Promise or Bluestar's Destiny as much as the other Warriors super editions.  But this was great. I stayed awake thinking about it later! That hasn't happened in a while.
Yellowfang. The ornery cat.  The cat that, before this book, I would have never considered for my list of Top 10 List of Warriors Cats.  This has put her way up there, with Jayfeather and Leafpool.  (I seem to have a love for medicine cats.) The stuff she had to go through...I felt so bad for her.  She didn't seem so ornery in this book, and it made me realize why she was cranky in the first place.
But I am sorry, I don't know what she saw in Raggedpelt.  That cat was a moody, unappreciative, selfish, idiot.  There were one or two moments where he seemed like a decent cat, and then he went back to jerk mode. 
This book made me want to cry at some parts. And, just so you know, I usually love when books do that. Those poor kits! It was so sad.  I love kittens, so reading about Brokenstar's treatment of them made me very angry.  If you read the first Warriors series, you know it gets better in the end, but still...
Even though I have read almost every Warriors book ever written, this one made me want to pick up the original and read it for the third or fourth time.  If you haven't read the original Warriors series, the ending will make you need to pick it up! The Hunters ended this book perfectly.
5 stars, because this is a book I will not soon forget.

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