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Review: Agartha's Castaway Book 2 (Novelette Series)

Agartha's Castaway (Trapped In The Hollow Earth Novelette, #2)

Agartha's Castaway (Book 2 of the Novelette Series)

By Chrissy Peebles

Blurb: As of Oct. 5th, 2012, this manuscript has been revised, edited, and turned into a novelette series. Casey's POV has also been changed to first person.
The dream vacation that might just turn deadly...

Seventeen-year-old Casey Smith can't wait to embark on her summer vacation, not least because she's finally shed her tomboy image, and now heartthrob Mike seems interested. What starts out great, with lots of flirting, taking her a step closer to winning her crush's heart, soon turns into her worst nightmare.

Tossed out to sea during a freak storm, Casey is washed up on what she presumes to be a mysterious tropical island that's on no map she's ever seen.
Genres: YA, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance, Adventure
Published: October 9, 2012
Series: Trapped in the Hollow Earth Novelette Series Book 2
Rating: 3 stars
This was what I was hoping for; a quick and easy read. However, I had problems with it. Mostly, the fact that they have just been chased by man eating spiders, and none of them seems to be even slightly tramautized at all. Half of the story is them cracking jokes (even when they find prints in the sand belonging to a predator who could totally kill them. They think it is a giant bird, so they joke about getting Colonel Sanders....WHAT!!! If I had giant, man-eating bird tracks in my backyard, Colonel Sanders WOULD NOT be the first thing on my mind, I can tell you that.) and fighting over who gets to date Casey. Yes. You read that right...pssh, forget about that we're on a uber-freaky island and there are MAN EATING SPIDERS and DINOSOARS...I wuv you, Casey!!!!!

I like how the author writes, but I don't like how she caved in to the love triangle craze. The book would be sooooooooooooooooooo much better without it. I usually don't get annoyed by love triangles, but this book is not the right setting for one at all.

I'll be continuing the series for now, because I bught the first five books for free. I don't know if I would have continued otherwise, though.


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