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Review: Pieces of Heaven Amish Romance Boxed Set

The Complete Amish Romance Boxed Set Collection

Pieces of Heaven Amish Romance Boxed Set

By Becca Fisher

Blurb: Goodreads doesn't have one. Basically it's about three amish girls who find love. Okay.
Genres: Adult/YA, Christian, Romance,
Published: I'm not sure.
My Rating: 1.5 stars
This gif pretty much describes exactly how I feel about this book:
I strongly disliked it. So, while I am going to try to not be too mean to this book, please understand that this was a very painful book for me to get through and that the tone of my review will most likely reflect this.

I read this because well, it was a clean romance book. And a boxed set too! Three stories in one...for freeeeee! You can't pass that up, can you? Well, I couldn't, but I really should have.

First complaint: the characters are one-dimensional and basically are all alike with the exception of William, and that was only because he was a guy. Oh sure, the author TRIED to make them different--one of them has issues with her sister,they're good at different things , but it just didn't work. There was actually one secondary character, Grace, who I thought was pretty unique, but the main character's only major difference was their names.

Secondly, the dialogue felt forced and unreal. I would give examples, but I think that in order to get the full effect, you have to read the entire book. (Trust me, not a good idea. I suggest just taking my word for it.) Anyway, the characters just don't speak...normally. There's no other way to put it.

Third: it was rather boring! Sometimes, I can give a one-star worthy book up to three stars because the plot was still interesting, even though everything else stunk. But this book is about three Amish girls who find 'true wuv.' And the plot was very rushed, as well, though I didn't have a problem with that because, honestly, I couldn't wait for this book to be over.

Also, William's story was bizarre, and at least three quarters of it was a dream. A dream! You think he finds the girl of his dreams, and then the author says something along the lines of "then Daniel woke up." Ugh, I HATE when that happens!

No, I don't recommend this book. But, if you read the full review, it's pretty obvious that I don't. I don't know...maybe someone will like this, if they positively love Amish romances. But that doesn't mean I would recommend this to them.

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