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Review: The Ordinary Princess

The Ordinary Princess

The Ordinary Princess

By M.M. Kaye

Along with Wit, Charm, Health, and Courage, Princess Amy of Phantasmorania receives a special fairy christening gift: Ordinariness. Unlike her six beautiful sisters, she has brown hair and freckles, and would rather have adventures than play the harp, embroider tapestries . . . or become a Queen. When her royal parents try to marry her off, Amy runs away and, because she's so ordinary, easily becomes the fourteenth assistant kitchen maid at a neighboring palace. And there . . . much to everyone's surprise . . . she meets a prince just as ordinary (and special) as she is!
Genres: Juvenile, Classics, Fantasy, Romance

Published: 1980

Series: N/A

My Rating: 3 stars

I think if I had read this when I was younger, it would have been one of my favorite books. However, I read it when I was past the intended age, so I wasn't as in love with it as I could have been.

This is a great children's book. The edition I borrowed had beautiful illustrations, and it has writing that is perfect for a younger audience. Princess Amy is relatable and little kids will love her story, especially girls.

The Ordinary Princess reminded me of the books I used to read when I was little and couldn't get enough of princesses and fairy tales. It's a very sweet story, but it is geared towards a very specific age group, and I just don't fit in that age group anymore.

One thing that does annoy me is the cover, but I don't mark down for covers. The girl on the newer edition looks way too young to be the princess in the story. The king and queen are trying to get Amy married, for Pete's sake! She looks like an eight year old!

Other than that, I really don't have anything bad to say about the book. I just like Young adult books better, and this is definitely not a Young Adult book.

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