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Review: The Color of Freedom

The Color of Freedom

The Color of Freedom

By Michelle Isenhoff

Blurb: Fourteen-year-old Meadow Wynn McKenzie hates the British. Turned off her Irish farm and forced to book passage to America as an indentured servant, Meadow understands why the rebels wish to throw off the yoke of King George’s rule. But is freedom worth the cost?

Then, forced to flee her master, Meadow disguises herself as a boy and takes up with a traveling tinker. While winding toward Boston to reunite with her father, she’s moved by the courage, pride and determination of the American patriots, but their Puritan roots run deep.

Before she can embrace the cause of her new homeland, Meadow must carefully consider a future amongst Puritan hatred for her Catholic beliefs. Would liberty apply to Irish, to Negroes, to Quakers, to Jews, to Catholics? Or would that slogan be cast aside when majority rule served the majority? Perhaps the colonists had simply invented a new kind of tyranny.

But war will not wait for Meadow’s decision.
Genres: YA, Historical Fiction, Realistic Fiction
Published: April 20, 2011
My Rating: 4 stars
It's kind of weird how much historical fiction I've been reading lately. I went from avoiding it at all possible costs to seeking out recommendations for this genre. So when I saw a book blog call this a 'clean indie read', and I saw that it was Historical Fiction, well, I was pretty excited!

Anyway, The Color Of Freedom offers a unique look at the Revolutionary War. It focuses more on the prejudice during that era then the actual war itself, though this isn't left out completely; it just isn't all the book's about. Maybe some people who are looking for a bit more 'war' will be disappointed, but I personally thought that it was very interesting to read about.

The one downside to this book is that I did not connect with Meadow as much as I wanted to. However, that is just me. I do think that she was a very dynamic character.

All in all this was a very good book! I will be checking out some other books by Michelle Isenhoff soon.

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