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Review: The Five Kisses

The Five Kisses (Sweet Deception Regency #1)

The Five Kisses

By Karla Darcy

Blurb: If you love Downton Abbey and Jane Austen you’ll love The Five Kisses! Can the daughter of a professor with a very small estate interest the heir to an Earl in not just love but marriage? When 13 year old Chad stands up to a bully and rescues a kitten, Gillian saves him from a beating. A thank you kiss surprises them both. If she was older than 9, she might have fallen in love with him right there. But then…" The journey from friendship to love in this traditional Regency will warm the heart of any reader.
Genres: Adult, Historical Ficton, Realistic Fiction, Romance
Published: August 11, 2012
Series: Sweet Deception Regency by Karla Darcy (book 1) I think these can be read as standalones, though.
My Rating: 3 stars
I don't love Jane Austen or Downton Abbey. It's not that I don't like them, I just haven't read or seen them yet. I will someday, of course, it just hasn't happened yet. What I did love was that cover, so I got this book for free on Amazon. (Go freebies!)
This book was all right. It didn't exactly draw me in, but I didn't want to throw it across the floor, that's for sure. So, it's earned three stars.

I've never read many regency romances before. After reading this book, I think that I may try a few more. I really liked reading about this era; it's always been one of my favorites.

The romance was sweet, and it was fairly clean. It wasn't the best I've ever read, but it was by no means the worst.

But the ending was seriously rushed. He comes home and he's all like, I'm going to marry you, and she's like, sure.  I didn't find this to be very realistic at all. It seemed a bit like the author just wanted to be done with the story, so she ended it.

So, all together, it was an okay book. It kept my interest, but that was more because it was during a time period that I like reading about then anything else.

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