Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review: Match Me

Match Me (Me, #1)

Match Me

By Liz Appel

Blurb: Bonnie Nichols wasn't the kind of girl to crash a wedding. Or throw things. But somehow, she ends up doing both...at her ex-boyfriend's wedding.

Bonnie has been in love with Chase Somers since elementary school and seeing him at the altar with the absolute wrong girl causes her to do the unthinkable—toss a shoe in his direction in order to try and stop it. But she doesn’t count on the shoe knocking him out. Nor does she count on the entire church knowing it was her who did the throwing. The shoe doesn’t stop the wedding, but it does make her the laughingstock of her town.

As Bonnie copes with both the embarrassment of her actions and the loss of the boy she has always loved, her best friend Jill attempts to yank her out of her despair by pushing her to use Match Me, an online dating service. Despite her skepticism, Bonnie agrees to go on a few dates, dates that end up going comically bad.

Convinced that she will be single forever, an unanticipated complication causes Bonnie to take stock of her life and the people around her. Was she really ever in love with Chase Somers? Or was loving him simply the easy thing to do?

Crashing the wedding—and throwing that shoe—just may end up being the smartest thing she's ever done.
Genres: Adult/YA, Realistic Fiction, Romance, Humor, Chick Lit
Published: August 26, 2012
Series: Me by Liz Appel
My Rating: 4 stars
What a cute story! I wasn’t expecting this to be as good as it was. Match Me was light, sweet, and funny; three things that I desperately wanted to read about after finishing a couple books that I can’t say I enjoyed very much.

Bonnie, the main character, has just crashed her ex-boyfriend’s wedding to try and stop him from marrying the wrong girl, Angela. She becomes the talk of the town; and not in a good way. I felt so bad for her, but at the same time I couldn’t help but laugh a bit. The author managed to give everything in this story a funny spin.

Chase was a jerk. The author portrayed that well, and I loved the scene where Bonnie realizes that. I felt like cheering for her. (Side note: What if Carrie Underwood, and not Taylor Swift, had been the singer Bonnie was inspired by? She would have totally trashed Chase’s car. That would have been interesting.)

The romance was really cute. Bonnie’s new love interest was SO MUCH BETTER THAN CHASE. Sorry, I really didn’t like Chase in here.

I would recommend this to girls 14+, because there is a bit of mature content in here. (SPOILER: pregnancy scare) It’s an adorable little story, and I wouldn’t mind reading it again!

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  1. Sounds just like the kind of story that I used to love reading when I was reading Chick Lit. I'll add it to my TBR!


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