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Review: The Sky Inside

The Sky Inside (The Sky Inside, #1)

The Sky Inside

By Clare Dunkle

Blurb: Martin lives in a perfect world.
Every year a new generation of genetically-engineered children is shipped out to meet their parents. Every spring the residents of his town take down the snow they've stuck to their windows and put up flowers. Every morning his family gathers around their television and votes, like everyone else, for whatever matter of national importance the president has on the table. Today, it is the color of his drapes. It's business as usual under the protective dome of suburb HM1.
And it's all about to come crashing down.
Because a stranger has come to take away all the little children, including Martin's sister, Cassie, and no one wants to talk about where she has gone. The way Martin sees it, he has a choice. He can remain in the dubious safety of HM1, with danger that no one wants to talk about lurking just beneath the surface, or he can actually break out of the suburb, into the mysterious land outside, rumored to be nothing but blowing sand for miles upon miles.
Acclaimed author Clare B. Dunkle has crafted a fresh and fast-paced science-fiction thriller, one that challenges her characters -- and her readers -- to look closer at the world they take for granted.
Genres: Juvenile/YA, Adventure, Dystopian, Science Fiction
Published: March 25, 2008
Series: The Sky Inside by Clare Dunkle (book 1)
My Rating: 4 stars
I was a bit unsure about this book, because Dystopian has just been getting more and more generic, in my opinion. However, I still managed to really enjoy the Sky Inside.
It's not a rip-off of Hunger Games, first of all, which I appreciated. I haven't read anything very similar to the Sky Inside, well, ever. It was also full of unexpected twists and turns, and unpredictability is something that I love in books!

The setting was not extremely unique, but it was unique for a dystopian. Basically, the people live in a 'suburb' where all the houses are the same. This is the part that I thought wasn't too new. But after that it gets a bit more interesting. For example, people don't have to work anymore. School is dumbed down, and Peter Pan is now a business man fighting a law firm. (And, as a huge Peter Pan fan, I can assure you that nothing says 'oppressive government' like changing Peter Pan into a business man.)

I loved Chip. He was such a cool dog, and I wasn't expecting to like him as much as I did. He's a robot, and I usually don't like reading about robots too much, but you can't help but love Chip. He's loyal, funny, and rather adorable.

I was a bit confused at first, because I hadn't realized there was a sequel when I finished, and the ending didn't feel fully complete. So I looked it up, and there is a sequel! Yay!
I would recommend this to fans of Dystopian, particularly Uglies.


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