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Review: Just Like Magic

Just Like Magic

Just Like Magic

By Elizabeth Townsend

Blurb: Ella Merton has always had one dream-to enter fine society and meet her prince. But now, on the brink of her debut, her life has become a nightmare. Her beloved father is dead, her family is financially ruined, and her stepsisters are plotting to keep her in the kitchen. She's willing to fight for her dreams, but all her struggles are getting her nowhere! Can a very un-fairy godmother, a few unexpected friends, a large, shaggy dog, and a pumpkin pie help her find her "happily ever after"-just like magic?
Genre: YA, Romance, Retellings
Published: October 21, 2012
Series: N/A
My Rating: 3.5 stars
I have read my fair share of Cinderella retellings (read: I have read so many I can't even remember them all). This is a nice retelling that doesn't stray too far from the main tale, but still manages to add some original ideas, some that I haven't come across in most retellings.

The main difference between this tale and others is that there is no magic in this retelling. But that wasn't what really stood out to me; what I liked best is that the stepmother isn't really evil, she's simply a pushover and does whatever the evil stepsisters, Lucy and Gerta, want. I don't think I've ever come across that before, and I found that fascinating for some reason.

Like I said before, it doesn't deviate from the original plot, but that's not bad. The last retelling I read had tried to put such a new spin on the Cinderella retelling that I wouldn't have known it was a Cinderella story unless it had said on the blurb. So I'm really glad that the author didn't veer off from the traditional storyline.

There's a lot of character growth from Ella. She starts off as a complete brat, but she has changed completely by the end of the story.

If you like retellings, this is a book worth picking up!

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  1. I love reading novels based on fairy tales. My favorite trope is Beauty and The Beast.


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