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Lily by S. Smith

Lily (Seed Savers,#2)


By S. Smith


Blurb: What if the key to the future is buried in your past?

After her friends disappear amid suspicions to their link with the underground Seed Savers Movement, Lily digs around to learn more.

The truth she uncovers sets her on a path fraught with uncertainty.

How will Lily decide which way to turn, or whom she can trust?

Genres: Juvenile/YA, Dystopian

Published: November 2012

Series: Seed Savers by S. Smith (book 2)

My Rating: 4 stars

**A free copy was received from the author in exchange for an honest review.**

I liked this book a lot. As in Seed Savers it was a really quick read, and the little quirks I noticed in Seed Savers have all been fixed in this sequel.

Lily is told in first person, which initially I had some reservations about. It's my opinion that you should probably not switch from third person to first person (Seed Savers was told in third person), but I think the story really benifitted from this switch, so I ended up liking it a lot.

We get to know Lily more in this story, which I really liked, seeing as she dropped out of Seed Savers in the middle, and we weren't able to get to know her as much as Clare and Dante. I think she may be my favorite out of the three so far; I got to know her better because of the first person switch.

The book has a few nice twists to keep the plot from becoming predictable, and introduces some new (and newish) characters. I liked Arturo a lot.

This series fills the void for younger-audience dystopians. Even so, older readers will love it too! I enjoyed Lily, and after that ending, I can say with confidence I will be reading the next one in the series.

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