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Waiting For Dusk by Nancy Pennick

Waiting for Dusk

Waiting For Dusk

By Nancy Pennick


Blurb: Read a book.
Fall asleep.
Meet a boy.
Is it real or just a dream?
Katie’s everyday life suddenly turns exciting when she travels back in time and meets the boy of her dreams. Thinking of nothing else, willing to leave the real world behind, she’s determined to find out if it’s all a dream or not. Returning again and again, Katie almost has her answers until one day her precious book goes missing.
Genres: YA, Romance, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction
Published: November 27, 2012
Series: N/A
My Rating: 2.5 stars
**A free copy of this book was received from the author in exchange for an honest review.**

Waiting For Dusk is the kind of book that I should love. I love time travel stories, and the blurb made this book sound amazing. So why didn't I enjoy this one?

The big problem I had with the story was Kathryn/Kate/Katie. I didn't connect with her at all. I thought that she was a bit Mary Sue-ish.

Another problem was that the book didn't teach me too much about life in the 1920s. This was what I was honestly really hoping for; a pre-depresssion era book. But though I learned one or two things about 1927, I didn't learn as much as I wanted to.

Third, the way the characters talk, even when Kate's in modern days, sounds much older. It didn't sound real; at least, to me it didn't.

Here's one example I noted;

"Gee, Erin, I hadn't thought about it."

There's more, but this is the only one I wrote down.

The whole story moves rather slowly. There are a few parts that show promise of picking up the plot, but I flet like they didn't get used too much. (SPOILER: thought the author was going to turn Ty into a creepy, dangerous stalker, but that didn't happen.)

The book gets a lot better when it's nearing the end. In fact, the end was probably four stars worthy. I was on the edge of my seat, wondering what was going to happen. But the last couple pages weren't enough to completely redeem the story in my eyes.

I didn't hate this book; but I didn't really love it either.


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