Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Way Life Was Forever by Carey Corp

The Way Life Was Forever

The Way Life Was Forever

By Carey Corp

Blurb: Sun-dwellers are foul monsters that eat a human’s flesh from their bones…or so sixteen-year-old Lyra has always been taught. To keep their citizens safe, her colony seals itself into the vaults by day.

Moonwalkers are horrible beasts that feed on the blood of men…at least, that is what Perseus was told. The only sure survival for his people is to lock themselves into their repositories each night.

Both labeled as undesirable by their respective kinds, a fated meeting in the forbidden forest offers Lyra and Perseus an unexpected chance at happiness. If they can overcome their own prejudices and discover the truth about one another before time runs out.

Can the sun-dweller and the moonwalker learn that when reality is distorted by hate and terror sometimes the only thing to truly fear is fear itself?

THE WAY LIFE WAS FOREVER – a YA short story from award-winning author, Carey Corp.
Genres: YA, Dystopian, Paranormal, Science Fiction
Published: November 12, 2011
Series: N/A
My Rating: 3 stars
URG! Book, I am extremely confused right now!

On one hand, I LOVED the writing style. It reminded me a bit of Hunger Games and how Suzanne Collins wrote. (Yeah, that's a pretty big compliment coming from me, the Hunger Games junkie...)

And, the plot was interesting. But this sentence, people, is where I start the 'on the other hand...'

The story's short. There, I said it. It is waaay to short, though. If Carey Corp had made this into a full blown book, oh my gosh I'd have loved it. But the teensiness of this novelette makes it necessary to use insta-love...on caffeine. For example: Romeo and Juliet was pretty much the fastest I've ever read about people falling in 'love.' And then I read this book. THEY BEAT ROMEO AND JULIET.

Also, the ending was kind of...demanding a sequel, let's say. It didn't feel complete. But again, that ties in with the whole shortness complaint.

Would I recommend this? I honestly don't know. It really won't be a huge waste of your time if you do read it, (it takes like ten minutes to read) but, you might be a bit disappointed with how the story plays out.

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