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Summer Snow by Nicole Baart


Summer Snow

By Nicole Baart

Blurb: Julia DeSmit is finally learning to accept her new life. Optimistic and anxious to begin again after dropping out of college, she is taking fumbling steps down a challenging yet hope-filled road. But the careful existence Julia has begun to build falls hopelessly to pieces when her estranged mother, Janice, appears on the front porch one icy March night. Mother and daughter have not seen or talked in ten years, and a decade of anger, resentment, and bitterness follows in Janice's wake, along with a surprise Julia could never have anticipated. Julia is convinced that which is broken cannot be mended. Yet when she faces the very decision her mother did years before, she begins to realize what it means to truly accept grace. Will it be her undoing, or the impetus for a change she'd never dared hope for?

Published: April 16, 2008

Genres: Christian, Adult, Realistic Fiction

Pages: 364

Rating: 4 stars

I did not feel as emotionally involved in Summer Snow as I did in After the Leaves Fall, but I still enjoyed reading it. This review will have some spoilers if you haven't read After the Leaves Fall, though, so if you haven't read that, you might want to before reading my thoughts on this one!

Julia DeSmit is now home, pregnant and working at a grocery store. She lives with her grandmother now after dropping out of college. I thought that Julia's struggles with her pregnancy were handled in a way that really made you understand how she felt. Her fears and uncertainties seem very realistic. Another thing that was handled well was Julia's struggle to rebuild her relationship with her mom, who left her and her dad when Julia was only nine. I thought that it was really nice to see that relationship grow.

(I'm really trying not to put spoilers in this review, but this paragraph contains a very small one, so don't read if you want to read the book knowing nothing that will happen.) One thing that I was a tiny bit annoyed by was that Julia is struggling with wondering if she should put her baby up for adoption, when in the first book she was absoulutely SURE she could not do it. I think Ms. Baart was trying to show the struggles that teen moms go through deciding if they will keep the baby or not, but it just seemed odd because of how confident Julia was that she wanted to keep the baby in the first book.

In conclusion, Summer Snow was a good addition to this trilogy. I had very few problems with it, and the problems I did have were pretty minor. I would definitely recommend this!

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