Thursday, December 26, 2013

What We Did For Love: Resistance, Heartbreak, Betrayal by Natasha Farrant

What We Did For Love: Resistance, Heartbreak, Betrayal

By Natasha Farrant

 Blurb:  Arianne knew Luc before he went away, of course she did. Everyone in Samaroux knows each other. When he returns after five years, the spark between them reignites and becomes something more. But will the war let them be together? As the two teens fall deeply in love, their world starts to crumble around them. German forces, reeling from defeats in the east, are closing in, and Luc, desperate to atone for his family's past, wants to join the resistance. Arianne will do anything to keep him safe. But in such a small village, Luc is not alone in his love for Arianne. And Luc's rival just might be a traitor. How far will they go to protect what they believe in? And what will they do for love?

Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Historical Fiction 

Published: January 1, 2014

Pages: 208

My Rating: 4 stars

I received this book via Goodreads First Reads.

This book, that started off as simply a cute historical romance, ended with me wanting to cry. The ending was truly tragic. And that is why I am rounding up to four stars instead of three.

I must admit, I had never heard of the event this book is based on. But boy, was it heartbreaking. Not really the kind of book most would read on Christmas, but I did. I would like to research Oradour-sur-Glanr in more detail after finishing this.

Luc and Ari's love was at first nothing that I was truly swept away by, but by the end I loved them together. SPOILER: I truly believe the only thing that stopped me from breaking down and crying was the fact that they both lived. But oh, Solange...

This book is rather reminiscent of the movie Titanic. I know it will be on my mind for a long, long time. One does not simply forget a story as poignant. While I at first was not blown away by What We Did For Love, by the end it was a book I was sad to end. I would highly recommend it.

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