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Greetings From the Flipside by Rene Gutteridge and Cheryl McKay

Greetings From The Flipside

By Rene Gutteridge and Cheryl McKay

Blurb: Hope Landon has been rewriting other people’s greeting cards since she was six years old. There’s always a funnier caption in there somewhere. She’s ready to chase her creative dreams in New York City with her fiancé—until he leaves Hope at the altar.

That may give her something to write about . . .

Hope disappears for the time that would have been the couple’s month-long honeymoon, and upon returning learns of her own funeral. Everyone concluded Hope must have killed herself after being jilted. Needing a fresh start more than ever, she heads for the Big Apple only to discover it isn’t easy to rent a place when you’ve been declared dead.

Taking shelter at the YMCA, Hope lands a job at an inspirational greeting card company assisting Jake, the guy who shut down his organization’s humor department. She has lost her faith in love; he needs to find something or someone that will make him laugh again.

Fun and faithful, Greetings from the Flipside will keep turning over in your mind

Genres: Adult, Christian, Romance, Realistic Fiction 

Published: October 15, 2013

Series: N/A

Pages: 320

My Rating: 4 stars

To start off, I feel like I should warn everyone that this book's blurb is very misleading. Why? Because everything that happens is really just a dream state while Hope is in a coma. I won't mark that as a spoiler, either, because by around 10%, the reader has been informed of this. It wasn't even a big reveal.

Because of this, I kind of hated the first third of Greetings From the Flipside. I chalked it up to one of those weird Disney Channel episodes where the plot gets so bizarre that they just throw in the towel and go..."WOAH it was all just a dream!" But really, this was an unfair comparison; the authors told us from the start that this was not real, and the plot never really got too strange.

So what made me change my mind? I should say before explaining that I usually don't change my opinion if a story has been bad for the first third of book. In fact, usually the book gets worse. It was highly unusual for my opinion to change so drastically from me literally saying, "What a disappointment" to marking it as a 2014 favorite. (Okay, at this point I realize I am rambling. Sorry.)

One reason was the character Mikaela. She was possibly my favorite out of all characters in this story. I almost cried over her at the end. Also, there is a big reveal about her later on in the story, which I kind of saw coming, but I think it still was pretty cool.

Second, the greeting cards. They were really funny. Enough said right there.

Third, the romance. Honestly, at first I wasn't sure I wanted any romance in this book. I thought it would end up distracting from the main story, but it ended up actually being sweet, and it wasn't distracting at all.

Lastly, the little hints to Hope that she is in a coma. I won't say what they all are, but I thought they were cool. It reminded me that, hey, this isn't actually 'real.'

I wasn't sure how reading a book that was basically about someone dreaming would go for me, but this may be the one story that pulls that plot off. I would definitely recommend it.

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