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On Fallen Wings by Jamie McHenry


On Fallen Wings

By Jamie McHenry

Blurb: Faeries are supposed to be perfect.
Rhiannon was. Her life was. Then her betrothed disappeared.
She tried to be strong. She asked for help. There's only so much trying and asking will do 
So, she took action. That's when everything fell apart.
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance
Published: March 8, 2012
Pages: 332
Series: Stone Portals (book 1)
My Rating: 1.5 stars
(Warning: Some spoilers are in this review)

Usually when I give a book one star, it means that the writing was terrible. That's not the case in this book, though; the writing was just fine,even poetic at times, but the story and the characters annoyed me terribly.

The story is so mushy (I am not a fan of mushy romance) that I rolled my eyes at the book a few times. There are a few subplots that have the potential to be pretty interesting, but the love story is almost all that is talked about the first half of the book. The second half of the book, Sean is...gone...but the main story is still all about Rhiannon's love for him.

The bandit thing (the above mentioned plot that I would have liked to read waaay more about) was only mentioned about a handful of times in the story, and never really got explored at all. I was left with no answers at all.

This is going to sound weird,but I was also thinking Leila was secretly insane because she kept making Rhiannon promise she'd never leave her (sketchy, huh? HUH?) but she ended up being normal. *disappointment*

The same went for Cael, except he'd be the crazy brother. Nope. He's normal too. Sigh.

Rhiannon really got on my nerves because she was almost too perfect at the start of the book, and by the end of the book she got really nasty. Which I get was her grieving for Sean, but I had such a hard time feeling bad for her because of it.

What REALLY made me dislike her from the beginning, though, was not her perfection. It is that she asked for a white horse from Sean before they could get married. Except in that land or whatever, there are only rumors that they exist; no one's ever actually saw one. To me, this was the equivalent of asking your fiance if he could please find and bring back Bigfoot for you. Oh, and they can't get married before he does. So she wanted something that was most likely a MYTH, and if Sean can't find one, they won't get married. That's the kind of present you ask for if you DON'T want to get married; and trust me, she did. Additionally, this was RIGHT AFTER she was so relieved that Sean had asked for a present that wouldn't be hard to find. It just made me so MAD at her. I mean, he did end up finding one, but WHAT IF HE HADN'T? It was a huge risk. 

Anyway, I am kind of happy because Sean died. That sounds horrible,and it's not that I hate Sean or anything, but now she gets to be with hot Bandit guy Darian. I know it'll happen. I just know it! Somehow, despite that ending, IT WILL HAPPEN. (Of course, I also 'knew' that Leila was going to stab Sean so she and Rhiannon could be 'together forever', and that didn't happen...)

So, I might read the next book to see if it answers some questions that I've been wondering about, but most likely not. I think that it's possible a lot of people could like this, because the writing was very good. (That's why it got an extra .5 star from me) But the story itself wasn't for me.

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