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Wacko Academy by Faith Wilkins

Wacko Academy

By Faith Wilkins

Blurb: Winner of the Bronze Medal, Moonbeam award for authors under 18.  You think your school is bad?  Eighth grader Lily Mason has enough hassles dealing with siblings, cranky teachers and the cute new guy in school.  But when she's kidnapped and brought to the elite Wackerson (Wacko) Academy, it will take all of her smarts and courage to outwit the school's treacherous owner - even if it means teaming up with his infuriating and unnecessarily handsome son.  At once funny, harrowing and romantic, Wacko Academy is a book that will enthrall and entertain adult and young adult readers alike!

Genres: Young Adult, Adventure  

Publication Date: April 2, 2012

Series: Wacko Academy (book 1) 

Pages: 198

Rating: 2 stars

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Arundel Publishing and Edelweiss.

This book started out great. For around the first half of the book, I was sure this book would be getting a four star review AT LEAST from me. And all of the sudden, the book became kind of strange.

But before I get to that, I will talk about what I liked. First, Lily. I loved her character! She was spunky, fun, and just someone you want to root for in general.

The plot...the thing is, I loved the plot at first. I was really engrossed; the plot was a bit similar to Variant, one of my favorite books, something I liked, because I can never find anything similar to that book. And then it got really bizarre. SPOILER! Lily being "The Girl"? I was just not buying it. That sounds like something out of a fantasy novel, not a suspense-thriller type of book. There were mad scientists...and experiments...and it never really was explained well. END OF SPOILER

Secondly, I did not like how instead of the characters actually talking, the book would just give a synopsis of what they talked about. Like (and this is straight from the book):

He explained that his brother had taught them. That's how they made money.

Instead of something like:

"My brother taught me," he explained. "That's how we made money."

Once or twice, I am fine with this, but it happened more than once or twice. Also, it would be in the middle of a conversation between two characters, and right after it happened, the characters would normally talk again.

Lastly, I never really got the answers I wanted. The ending, quite honestly, seemed abrupt and rushed. Wacko Academy could have went on much longer than it did.

While I think it is really awesome that the author was only fourteen when she wrote this, the book didn't work for me.

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