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After Summer by Hannah Harvey

After Summer

By Hannah Harvey

Blurb: Everything changes for Arianna when she loses one of her best friends in an accident, suddenly everything that felt happy and safe, is no longer there, and she can't handle it.
It used to be Ben, Summer and Arianna, always together, and now it's just Ben and Arianna left, and she needs to escape.
After Summer's death she pushes Ben away, cutting of her connection with who she used to be, but she can't keep running forever, not when the past is always ready to catch her up, especially since it's more than just Summer's death that she's running from.

Genres: YA, Realistic Fiction 

Published: March 1, 2013

Series: N/A

Pages: 290

My Rating: 2 stars

<i>A free copy of this book was received from the author in exchange for an honest review.</i>

This review will change drastically someday--if the book is ever edited. The story itself is amazing. However, the grammar mistakes, mostly run-on sentences, jarred me out of the story too frequently for me to get fully immersed in After Summer

Out of all grammar errors, I hate run-ons the most. These are the ones that are the hardest to ignore, because I read them like they are written. Sadly, After Summer has a lot of run-ons, and they take away from a wonderful and poignant story.

Here's one example from the book:

You've got to be kidding me, it's summer it's meant to be bright, hence why my parents called me Summer, because I'm also bright, my dad says I'm bright and bubbly, which brings me to my next line of conversation...

Also, the book is written in third person present tense; it takes a while to get used to this. I think it would be better if the book had been written in past tense. After a while I started to block it out, though, so it wasn't as big of a problem as I feared it would be.

The story itself, as I have stated before, is WONDERFUL. The author is extremely talented. I probably would have been crying multiple times if it hadn't been for the run-ons. The characters are wonderful; I love that the story mixed in some humor with the sadness, to make the book not be too depressing. I loved the characters; Ben, Arianna, and Fletcher are really well written.

So, if this book is ever edited, I think it might have five star potential. I would definitely re-read this book as well as re-write this review if that happens. I would still definitely recommend this book to people, but only if they are able to block out grammar mistakes.

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