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At Your Service by Jen Malone


At Your Service

By Jen Malone

Blurb:  Thirteen-year-old Chloe Turner wants nothing more than to follow in Dad’s footsteps as a respected concierge in a posh NYC hotel. After all, living at a hotel is heaven, and perks like free concert tickets and all-access passes to boutiques, restaurants, and attractions aren’t too shabby either.

When the spoiled brat child of an important guest is only placated by some quick thinking on Chloe’s part, Chloe is awarded the role of Junior Concierge. But she might be in over her head when tasked with tending to the every whim of three royal guests: a twelve-year-old princess who can’t stand Chloe, a cute fourteen year-old prince(!), and their ten-year-old sister, who has a nasty knack for getting herself lost. After the youngest princess slips Chloe’s care, Chloe and the remaining royals must embark on an event-filled hunt for her through NYC’s best tourist spots.

Genres: Juvenile, Realistic Fiction 

Publication Date: August 26, 2014

Series: N/A

Pages: 272

My Rating: 3 stars

A free copy was received from the publisher via Edelweiss for an honest review. 

At Your Service was not my favorite M!X Book. I liked it, but there were things that I didn't enjoy about it as well. It was still a super cute book I would recommend to a middle school girl in a heartbeat, though!

Chloe, the main character of At Your Service, had a well thought out personality. She was basically your average thirteen year old girl...except for the fact that she lives at an upscale New York hotel. Let's be honest, almost any kid who watched The Suite Life of Zach and Cody (which is, I guess, outdated now, but they still show reruns) has dreamed of living at a hotel. It's just cool. Plus, the girl had some really funny lists.

This book also has a nice message, and I appreciate that it wasn't in your face like some books. (All the M!X Books I have read are pretty good about not making their books 'preachy.') This one was about not being scared to ask for help when you need it, and also, to an extent, about not judging a book by its cover.

Things I didn't like were:

A.) The book has lots of little asterisks and then notes on the bottom, which started to annoy me after the bit.  It ended up disrupting from the overall flow of the story.

B.) The secondary characters ended up being a bit stereotypical. Chloe's best friend, Paisley, was the outgoing sidekick to the main character that everyone seems to love. Alex was the totally hot prince from a foreign country that can steal hearts with a single glance. Sophie was the preppy, somewhat prissy sister. Ingrid was the youngest sister who seems sweet but is a bit spoiled.

C.) Like Chloe says, lists always seem more complete with a C option. Also like Chloe, I do not have anything to list for C.

I would still recommend it to girls, in the range of 9-13 years old. It was a cute story and I liked it, it just wasn't my favorite!

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