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Life on the Edge by Jennifer Comeaux

Life on The Edge

By Jennifer Comeaux

Blurb: Nineteen-year-old Emily is new to pairs skating, but she and her partner Chris have a big dream-to be the first American team to win Olympic gold. Their young coach Sergei, who left Russia after a mysterious end to his skating career, believes they can break through and make history.

Emily and Chris are on track to be top contenders at the 2002 Winter Games. But when forbidden feelings spark between Emily and Sergei, broken trust and an unexpected enemy threaten to derail Emily's dreams of gold.

Genres: Young Adult/New Adult, Realistic Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance

Publication Date: January 3, 2012

Pages: 312

Series: Edge series (book 1)

My Rating: 3 stars

I am fairly certain that Life On The Edge has inspired the most conflicted response I've had to a book in a long time. The parts I liked were the parts I didn't like at the same time. I know, that doesn't make much sense, but really, it's true.

For example, I love reading books about ice skating, but I never find very many, so I obviously was really happy that that's is what this book centers around. However, I didn't feel like it described everything well enough. I didn't feel that the path to getting to the Olympics was as detailed as it could have been--it wasn't totally overlooked, but other things seemed to take precedence over this. I would have liked to see more 'blood, sweat, and tears.' When Chris and Emily skated, it often skipped over describing what the program actually looked like, except for Emily's remarks about how she felt they did, along the lines of "It was the best we ever skated," or something like that. There were times when the program was described, but I couldn't get a vivid picture of it in my head like I could when I read other books that focus on ice skating, such as Podium Finish.

Second, I liked the romance. I thought it was very well written and thought out, and I really enjoyed reading about Emily and Sergei's relationship. I think it was really a unique to see how a love story would play out between a skater and her coach. (Don't worry, it's not creepy! Their age difference is not big at all.) However, I hated that the romance would sometimes take up more of the plot than the skating. I don't consider it a sports book if there is more romance than actually sports, and Life on the Edge was beginning to border on that.

And of course, the overall plot was exciting. I honestly don't usually consider romances to be too exciting, but this one really was. The author threw in some twists to spice up the overall plot, and it definitely worked. My complaint with this is that, well, it was beginning to seem like a soap opera!

So, if you are thinking about reading this, consider your reasons for wanting to. Are you looking for a swoon-worthy romance, or an inspiring trip about a girl's journey to the Olympics? Because if you are looking for romance, yes, this book is for you, but if you are the latter (and I fully admit that was me) you may want to hold off on it and read some other ones first.

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