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To Know Me by Marcy Blesy

To Know Me

Marcy Blesy

Blurb: To know me is to die...

Seventeen-year-old Mae is convinced that the consequences of her poor decisions have caused the untimely deaths of her dad, sister Laura, and grandma who all die within a year, no matter how ludicrous her thoughts seem to those she loves. The solution? Run away so no one else she cares for gets hurt (even if she has to keep a GPS tracker on her phone at all times).

Desperate to earn her diploma and salvage something of her life, she transfers schools when people get too close. After switching to Woodson Prep with only two months to go until graduation, Mae keeps her goals in sight. But when she meets Ty, the "perfect boy" with his own secrets and a relentless interest in Mae, she must decide if she can stop running from the past and still protect those she loves.

Genres: Young Adult, Realistic Fiction, Romance

Publication Date: August 21, 2013

Pages: 130

Series: To Know Me (book 1)

My Rating: 4 stars

A free copy of this book was received in exchange for an honest review.

To Know Me
 was not exactly what I was expecting; however, while it was different then what my preconceived notions about it were, I really enjoyed it. 

My first expcectaion of To Know Me was that it was going to be a super depressing tearjerker; and you know, it was sad, but it wasn't really depressing. I didn't cry due to this book, either. The author kept it a bit lighter than I thought it would be, but it worked. Now, it's not super light and fluffy, either, but I did not have the urge to cry into my pillow for the next month either, which is probably for the best. The book adds a really adorable romance to the plot, which is really what effectively mixed the light side of realistic fiction with the heavier half of it. 

The size of this book was also kind of perfect. It's not too short, and it doesn't drag on. It's the kind of story that works perfectly for a novella, which doesn't always happen. 

Mae...poor Mae. The author explained really well why she is so sure she is the cause of people dying, which is good, because if it hadn't been done well a lot of the believability for this story would have gone out the door for me. I really sympathized with her.

The romance was nice, though it wasn't my favorite part of the story. I know that the romance is usually never be my favorite part of the story, though, so that's not really a complaint. I think that people who are more into romance will like it a lot, because Ty is a great character.

To Know Me was a lovely story, I am sure that I will be reading the next book in this series sometime in the future. 

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  1. This book sounds really good and I love that cover!

    1. So do I! It reminds me of Anna Dressed in Blood but less creepy. ;)


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