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Bleak Devotion by Gemma Drazin

Bleak Devotion

By Gemma Drazin

Blurb: Jessica doesn't know how long it's been, only that it seems like forever since she's allowed her feelings to show. Ever since they attacked her city. Monsters which appear human but are void of any expression, and seem bent on destroying all signs of sentiment in others. Their lethal blades shred anyone who shows even the slightest emotion.

After her only remaining friend is killed, Jessica flees the city hoping to find a place where emotions aren't fatal. A place to grieve those she lost and live out her meager existence. When she discovers the world of the emotionless creatures isn't what she believes, the love it leads her to may also be the path to her own death.

Genres: Young Adult, Dystopian, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Romance

Publication Date: March 31, 2014
Pages: 220

Series: N/A

My Rating:  4 stars

A free copy of this book was received from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I want to start off this book with my favorite quote from this book. Now, usually, people's favorite quotes are either funny, or something really powerful and/or romantic. This book had a lot of those things, but the one quote that stood out the most to me is a description. That may sound odd, but I think that my fellow readers will understand once they've read the quote:

Maple shelves brimming with books lined the room. Several wide chairs and a rocking chair scattered the inner area with an assortment of end tables accompanying them. Blankets were scattered among the chairs, adding to the cozy feel.

This is about one of the characters' private library. A wonderful, beautiful private library. Even in an alien-invaded, dystopian world, the author managed to put in a library that I would really want to visit. I love it!

Anyway, to the actual review.

I absolutely DEVOURED this book. It's thrilling, romantic, and completely amazing. I hope there's a sequel because I want more of these characters!

There is not a dull moment in this book. Bleak Devotion starts with a very suspenseful beginning and it only goes uphill from there. The plot has a lot of thrilling scenes, but there are also romantic ones. A romance has to be really good for me to like it rather than simply tolerate it, so that means that the romantic scenes in Bleak Devotions are really good.

The world that Gemma Drazin crafted is...well, it would suck to live on Earth if this is what it was like, but I loved to read about it. The aliens start off like zombies meets Wolverine, which is cool, but slowly throughout the book more and more is revealed about them, and they get even better.

I absolutely LOVED Blade and Jessica. Blade was my favorite character, though. I loved how the author portrayed him and his constant struggle to keep from turning in order (spoiler, hightlight to see) to have a relationship with Jessica.  I also really like how Jessica was portrayed; from complete loathing of Blade, to a growing friendship, (spoiler, highlight to see,) and finally to one of the greatest romances I have read about this year!

Even though Monique came in later, she was another favorite character of mine. One of the reasons I would love to see a sequel for this book so badly is because I would like to get to know her (Spoiler, highlight to see) and her cute little baby  better!

My least favorite character was Zach. When I came to the paragraph where Jessica was contemplating a relationship with him, I wrote down "NO NO NO NO" on my kindle notes. He started off as a pretty nice guy, I suppose, I was just rooting for *ahem* someone else over him.

There are some tiny grammar errors in this book, but they are so miniscule I didn't even bother highlighting them. Most people probably wouldn't notice them; I only caught one or two, and if I am being honest, I barely even remember what they were because I was so caught up in the story. Even if you are a stickler for grammar, you probably won't be very upset.

Bleak Devotion, to put it simply, was addictive. I am wishing so hard that we will get some more stories about these characters right now; it's a book I highly recommend!

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