Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ebooks Vs. Physical Copies

Bear with me as I am trying to start doing discussion posts on this blog, even though in my opinion I am absolutely terrible at them. The only way you can get better is to practice, right? So practice I shall.

For my first discussion post, I'm going to discuss a debate that has been going on amongst book nerds for a little while now; the e-reader vs the physical book.

I personally used to like physical books much more than e-books. But recently, as I have been starting to get review copies, I have been reading on my tablet a lot more, and I have to say--there are perks to a kindle, or a nook, or whatever other e-readers are out there.

The Case for E-readers:
1. More space. My blog is called "My Full Bookshelf Reviews" for a reason; my bookshelf is stacked to the MAX. When I started reading e-books, it was a lot easier on my poor little bookshelf, and on me.

2. You can't lose e-books. I'm so disorganized. There have been times where I cannot find my book anywhere, no matter where I look. But my kindle app has fixed this; first off, if you organize by author or book title, you'll know exactly where the book will be (provided you know the title/author, of course) and even if you just have it sorted by 'recent' you can do a search for the book and it'll pop up! Problem solved.

3. Cheap(er). Some e-books are still more expensive than I personally think they should be, but they are still a lot less expensive than your regular paperback/hardback. Especially when the book first comes out; usually it's around $12 dollars or so for the ebook and $20 dollars or so for the physical copy. And when an ebook is on sale, the deal gets SO much better. I've seen bestsellers for $2.99 before.

4. More selection than a book store. Indie books, classics that are less well-known....you can't really get a lot of these at your local bookstore. You can with e-book sites. And they're usually inexpensive/free, too, which is a little perk.

5. The library selection. As many of you probably know, many states have e-book libraries. As far as I know, they're all powered by Overdrive. Mine has an actually pretty good selection; probably better than my regular library. The wait can be longer than at the regular library (because it's the library for a whole state as opposed to one town) but not always. Sometimes, you can download right away; no need to run all the way to the library, and as soon as you're done with one book you can return without having to wait until you've finished the rest of your library books. Plus, most of these books are not lendable on Amazon itself, so you're getting a much bigger selection than if you went on a regular lending site like Lendle or Booklending.com.

6. Snacks. Ever tried reading a book while eating, say, cheetos? Not pleasant. Not only is it excruciatingly difficult to keep the book open and put food in your mouth at the same time, you end up getting food remnants all over the page; it's both infuriating and gross.


The case for Physical books:

1. The smell This may seem like a pretty silly thing to put as the first reason books are 'better', but c'mon, guys. Who doesn't love the smell of a freshly printed book? (And I personally love the smell of old books just as much, but I think I might be in the minority on that one.)

2. The look. Overstacked as it might be, I love how my bookshelf looks. The pretty books, all sitting there, inviting me to come and read them. I probably love looking at all the covers and spines of my books as much as I love reading them.

3. They won't die on you. My pet peeve of e-readers is you have to charge them; and if you don't, it will pick the absolute WORST time to die on you. Like, the main character is about to get hit by a train or stabbed or something equally awful, and then the screen goes dark and you are left wondering how the heck he/she will get out of that one. I know from experience that this SUCKS.

4. The feel Holding a book in my hand just feels more 'right' than holding a reading device. Maybe this is simply a personal thing, I don't know.

5. I like bookstores more than Amazon. Going into a bookstore will always be more fun and exciting for me than logging on to Amazon. Or B&N Online, or Ibooks, or Kobo. Whatever you use, it will never compare, in my opinion, to an actual bookstore.

6. Amazon lending is a joke. Okay, that's harsh, but I still dislike it. Most big-house publishers don't even allow it, and even if they do, there's a limit of lending once. This kind of gets solved by the library, but some books aren't available at my library, or even on Overdrive for recommending to my library. You can lend and borrow physical books as much as you like.

So, there is my first 'real' discussion post. (I know six versus six was a weird number; it was supposed to be five versus five but I just had to get in my note about snacking.) So, what are you? A e-reader person or a physical book person? Tell me in the comments below!


  1. Hey, this seems like a pretty awesome discussion post to me ;)
    I'm definitely more of a physical book person for all of the reasons you stated (and I love the musty smell of old books too!). It's the best feeling when there's a new book in my hands. And for some reason covers always look better on physical books XD
    Buuut I will use an e-reader when necessary ;)

    1. Thanks Skylar! *blushes* I agree, physical book covers look better to me too. Not exactly sure why! :)

  2. Great points!! I use both my iPad and physical copies when I read, and they both have their own benefits... I'm so conflicted!! Lovely post, Gabs :)

    Rachel @A Perfection Called Books

  3. Haha! What are you talking about? This seems like a perfectly legit discussion post to me! :) I am a physical book type of person, but I will still use my kindle or even my ipod (ibooks) to read. I actually like getting both the ebook version AND the physical copy (if I like the book a lot), so I have to be super careful not to spend all my money on books.

    1. Aww, thanks! It turned out better than I thought it would, though I am really not sure what topic I should do next! I have heard of people doing that! I have thought about it for e-books that I really, really like, but I haven't tried it before. Thanks for commenting!

  4. I've been wanting to make a post like this! Great job I love all of your points for both sides:)


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