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Review: No Alligators in Sight by Kirsten B. Feldman

No Alligators in Sight

By Kirsten B. Feldman

Blurb: In this coming of age novel, Lettie and Bert squeak by in a tiny town on Cape Cod, one parent an alcoholic and the other absent. After a string of bad decisions on Lettie’s part, their father ships them to their barely remembered mother for the summer, where they will learn hard lessons about themselves, their family, and their future by way of the Florida swamp. Throughout Lettie keeps her biting humor flowing, her razor-sharp pen at the ready, and her eye on her quest for a “normal” life.

Genres: Young Adult, Realistic Fiction

Publication Date: November 25, 2013

Series: N/A

Pages: 232

My Rating: 4 stars

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

No Alligators In Sight is described a coming of age novel. I haven't read many of those, but if they are all as good as this maybe I should read a few more. Because this was the kind of realistic fiction that I love to read; no pointless fluff in it at all. (Okay, sometimes fluff can be nice, but I tend to not love it.) It could sometimes be a bit depressing, because Lettie's life is not the best for most of the book, but it felt more real to life that way.

Lettie was quite the character. A few times I was borderline annoyed with her, because she was very...moody. But I had to remind myself that with a mom and stepdad like the ones she had--and her dad wasn't all that great either, though he got better near the end--I probably would be quite moody myself. So, I thought the author portrayed her in a realistic way. She could be funny, in a more cynical way, and I liked the relationship she had with her little brother.

I absolutely hated Lettie's mom and stepdad. I wasn't fond of her father either, though I liked that he tried to change later on in the book. I couldn't believe how awful they were. They were characters that I just hated with a passion. They were suppposed to be characters I didn't like, so props to the author for that.

I couldn't help but feel horrible for Lettie and Bert as they went through one bad experience after another in Florida. I wanted so badly for things to get better for them. I was glad that once Lettie left, things started to get better. I was so happy there was a happier ending for her.

This book really was a realistic look at an important summer in one girl's life. It was a pleasure to read.

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  1. I've actually had my eye on this for a while. So I'm glad you enjoyed it. I might check it out!


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