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Review: Torn True Love by K.D. Ferguson

Torn True Love

By K.D. Ferguson

Blurb: Everyone has a choice. Abide by the government’s rules and regulations and you may live the average life. Or you can become a Sweeper. Krissa Channing’s destination was clear until Braiden entered her life and clouded her future.

Krissa’s future, which once seemed so promising, is compromised when her relationship with Braiden is forced by the hands of the government. The pressure of an automatic pairing pushes them both down a path they never dreamed they’d travel.

While Krissa accepts the change, Braiden revolts against the government leaving Krissa alone, her heart torn. Should she follow the rules and regulations and continue down the road mapped out for her? Or should she go against everything she’s been taught and follow after her true love?

Genres: Young Adult, Dystopian, Romance

Publication Date: May 7, 2014

Series: N/A

Pages: 230
My Rating: 1 star

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Aside from the poem at the beginning of the book, there were absolutely no redeeming factors in Torn True Love. I did not know how much hate I could have for a love triangle--or a love interest--until I read this. That wasn't only problem, though; it seemed like I was constantly rolling my eyes while reading this.

However, the main problem was the love triangle. Braiden is straight up verbally abusive to Krissa. And Krissa could not see it whatsoever, but instead, hung on to him and refused to face up to the fact that he was the most horrible boyfriend ever. Chance, who, God help me, I wanted to physically hurt throughout the course of the book seemed to a) be just thrown in the plot for the sake of some more drama. b) was almost as douschey as Braiden and c) was a creep extraordinaire (though, to be fair, so was Braiden.) If a boy cheats on you, breaking your heart, and then wants to get back together, I really don't think that it's a good idea to even consider it. Plus, Krissa kept saying she was over Chance, so why was he even an option?

Krissa was a very weak heroine. This whole book revolved around her love life, and it was a pretty horrible love life. I wanted more substance than that. She does pretty non-dystopian things like go to parties and be a cheerleader. Quite honestly, if it hadn't been for the fact that this was dystopian, that probably wouldn't have bothered me too much, though I may have labeled it as a tad stereotypical. But the thing is--this is dystopian.

Practically none of the book felt like a dystopian novel, in fact. If it had not been for the infrequent mention of the 'sweeper unit', and the fact that society now 'pairs' instead of marries, I probably would have forgotten that Torn True Love was not a realistic teen drama.

The large amount of 'mature' content in this book really did not sit well with me; it had more than any of the adult books I've read. I didn't take off stars due to this because I think that's more personal, but honestly, I think that even someone who is usually fine with mature content might start to get annoyed as well because it seemed to get in the way of the actual plot a few times.

The end was...oh dear. All it did for me was reinforce that makes terrible choices when it comes to men. I was actually somewhat relieved that the book was over.

I am not recommending this book. Not even for dystopian fans, because it really was not a 'true' dystopian. It was rather painful for me to read, and had I not needed to read the sequel for a blog tour, I definitely would have stopped very soon into the story.

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