Sunday, October 19, 2014

Discussion: Blogging Hiatuses

Time for another discussion post! (The last one was what, three months ago? Oops.) I've been wanting to write on this topic for a while, because it's something that I've recently experienced--the blogging hiatus.

I've seen a lot of bloggers who have had blogging hiatuses. They'll announce that they'll not be on their blog for a while--sometimes there won't even be an announcement, they just won't post anything for a while. I'm guilty of the latter; I've never, on any occasion, posted an announcement that I won't be blogging for a while. I just leave. I'm not sure if that's bad blogging etiquette or not; if it is, sorry!

Here are some of the top reasons that I've seen people go on blogging hiatuses:

1. "Bored" with Blogging: 
 Usually, the blogger is getting a bit overwhelmed/exhausted due to blogging, and it isn't as fun as it used to be. They take a break to refresh themselves and come back after they are ready to get back into it.
Have I experienced this? Kind of. Instead of being exhausted with blogging, I was exhausted with reading. I had kept pushing myself to read as many books as I could, and I got into a serious for a couple weeks I read absolutely nothing, and when you don't read you can't really review, so this blog went on a hiatus for a while.

2. Life Gets in the Way:
This is probably the most common reason I've seen for blogging hiatuses; the person just doesn't have enough time! School, work, a family crisis...some things just take precedence over blogging, no matter how fun it is.
Have I experienced this? Of course! I think it is really hard not to. (Props to people who can still juggle blogging and their personal life well enough that this isn't a problem; that is a skill I will probably never acquire.) I've went on a couple hiatuses because of this predicament; my latest one can be blamed on this.

3. Nasty Comments
 Getting in spats with Goodreads users, authors, etc., because of one of your reviews can really be disheartening, sometimes so much so that the blogger has to take a hiatus. It really sucks, and it makes me sad when a person takes a break from their blog due to hate.
Have I experienced this? Yes. It was kind of mixed in with "life getting in the way", though; I didn't go on hiatus solely because of it.

4. Realizing You're Getting Too Caught Up in Blogging
I've seen this one once or twice. People realize that, for them, blogging is starting to lessen their love of reading, so they take a break.
Have I experienced this? No. But, I understand where they are coming from. I constantly have to remind myself that I read for fun, not just to put reviews up on my blog.

5. Computer Problems
The blogger is having computer issues that are interfering with their ability to post reviews and other fun book-related things on their blog. I have not noticed this one as much as the others, probably because you can't really announce a hiatus due to computer issues until after they're fixed. 
Have I experienced this? Yes, for a short period of time. (Less than a week.) I tried typing out reviews on my tablet; let's just say that went horribly.

Have you ever had to take a blogging hiatus? If so for any of the reasons above, or for one that I didn't put on my list? Let me know in the comments section! :)


  1. Great post, Gab!! These are all so true... I want to take a blogging hiatus but I fear for my blog.... I'm getting a bit overwhelmed with ARCs and not enough time to read them all :0 Perhaps a blogging vacation is in order ;)

    1. I was getting a lot of ARCs too, and that's why I came back from my blogging hiatus! I was starting to get stressed at how many I was letting pile up, LOL!


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