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Review: Resisting Ruby Rose by Jessie Humphries


Resisting Ruby Rose

By Jessie Humphries

Summary: Still reeling from the heartbreaking events that unfolded on Grissom Island, Ruby Rose is trying to come to terms with the fact that she’s gone from a vigilante in killer shoes to a stone-cold killer. Everyone from her therapist to her smoking-hot boyfriend keeps trying to convince her that she hasn’t crossed over to the dark side, but Ruby isn’t so sure. It doesn’t help that her nemesis, Detective “Mastermind” Martinez, is still out there, waiting for another chance to take her down.

When an alleged CIA agent named Skryker shows up and asks for a meeting, Ruby figures it just means more questions about her case. But he has information of an entirely different nature and a job offer: join an elite force of young assassins, including Skryker’s right-hand guy, Quinn Donovan. Quinn is distractingly charming, handsome—and deadly. Ruby resists becoming a killer again, but as she becomes more ensnared in a web of deceit, no one around her is safe.

Genres: YA, Romance, Thriller, Realistic Fiction, Romance

Publication Date: October 28, 2014

Pages: 284

Series: Ruby Rose (book 1)

My Rating: 1 star

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I read Killing Ruby Rose and I enjoyed it. It wasn't perfect, but it was a fun and thrilling mystery. Resisting Ruby Rose was NOT a fun and thrilling mystery. It was what one would get if they mashed together YA Romance and the movie series Spy Kids. (I hated those movies, so that didn't help my love for this book any more.)

The first book in this series was by no means extremely realistic, but it was realistic enough that I could see the plot being on a show like Law and Order or something like that. This book did not even meet that standard, and that was one of my major issues with it. It introduces a secret agency that hires teens as agents. Perhaps that would not have annoyed me if it was not so different than what the first book was; a nice little crime thriller. It came off as cheesy and unbelievable.

Secondly, I hated what this book did to the character of Liam, especially because I liked him in the first book a lot. In this book, he was completely reinvented to be a power hungry jerk who is quite awful to Ruby and prety much the polar opposite of the charming and misunderstood guy that I came to appreciate in Killing Ruby Rose. While I liked that the author made the decision to show that not all relationships last (In YA, the myth that almost everyone finds their true wuv on the first try seems to be perpetuated a lot and that bugs me) I didn't like that in order to show that they gave Liam such an awful personality. (And if I remember correctly, an awful haircut as well. Blegh)

Remember Ruby's shoe fetish from the first book? Well it's back. And mentioned at inappropriate times once again. Like, she'll see a villain in the book and then admire his expensive shoes. This angered me in the first book, and it angered me in the second book too. Ruby makes a lot of weird comments that just should not fly in the real world, in fact. She judges one character for having kiled eleven people, and yet she is nearing that number of people killed herself. Yeah, I didn't like Ruby all that much in this book.

Laslty, the romance with her and Quinn happened so fast. He's holding a GUN to her boyrfriend, and she is thinking about how he looks kind of "sexy" while doing it. Who. Does. That. Honestly, I kind of gave up on this book after reading that line. There is so much wrong with that line of thought. Any chance of me liking Quby or whatever their ship name would be went out the window with that scene.

This was a disappointing sequel to say the least. I will not be continuing with the series, no matter how much I liked the first one, because I have a feeling that after this book, the series will have gone down hill. 

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