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Review: A Grimm legacy by Janna Jennings

A Grimm Legacy

By Janna Jennings

Blurb: Enchanted castles and charming princes thought to exist only in stories come to life in this classically twisted fairy tale that combines the timeless quality of folktales with the challenges of the modern world.

The woods of Elorium appear ordinary to Andi… until the birds start to talk and elves answer doors. Whisked out of her world along with three strangers, Andi finds herself the reluctant guest of Mr. Jackson, a perplexing millionaire who claims to be able to help them get home. The secrets he harbors, however, make it difficult to know just who to trust.

When the group of teenagers discover that in this new world, fiction is anything but, and that they all have unexpected family ties to this fairy tale land, they must learn to rely on each other. The only way to survive evil fairies and giants intent on keeping them in Elorium is to rely on each other.

Faced with characters short on whimsy and bent toward treachery, Andi, Quinn, Fredrick, and Dylan are forced to play their parts in unfinished fairy tales. But in Elorium, happily ever after is never guaranteed.

Genres: Young Adult, Retellings, Fantasy

Publication Date: January 20, 2014

Series: Grimm Tales (Book 1)

Pages: 304

My Rating: 3.5 stars

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I actually really liked this book. I was a bit afraid after reading the reviews; it seemed that a lot of people didn't love it. But despite its flaws, I thought there was a great story here. It was a bit more original than quite a lot of retellings I'd read; I loved the concept.

The plot is really different, and I liked that. Most retellings basically all have the same plot; some medieval, faraway setting, with a bit of magic--if they get really fancy you'll see it spelled with a k, or even a *gasp* y, (not that this is a bad thing, but spelling magic differently is not as original as some books make it seem) and not a lot of deviance from the original fairy tale plot. This book takes place after four kids get transported to the fairy tale world (where most don't even realize they are fairy tales) and have to try to navigate it, and eventually escape. So, not like the normal retelling. Also, they do what I love and include the lesser known, non-Disneyfied fairy tales, some of which I honestly can't remember much about despite having read through the Grimm fairy tales multiple times. Yet another also, the way the book focuses on the fairy tales, such as Cinderella, is a bit unique as well. It splits the story into parts, one for each fairy tale that the MCs go through. The fairy tales are totally messed around with due to the MCs refusing to stick to how they went in the Grimm versions.

I actually liked the main characters. While I thought that all of them could have been a bit more developed, they were still fun to read about. They all had their own unique personalities, and with the multiple points of view, it was easy to see just how different those personalities were. I know a lot of people don't like multiple POVs; I've never minded them, so that may explain why I liked this book more than most people. For me, the multiple points of view actually enhanced the story.

When I finally found out why Andi, Quinn, Dylan, and Fredrick were transported to Elorium, I will be honest, I wasn't too surprised. It was a good idea plotwise, but there were way too many hints that really kind of gave it away.

Another thing; there are at times inconsistencies. They are small, but confusing. For example, apparently in Elosium safeties on guns haven't been invented yet. But there are references to one of Cinderella's stepsister listening to music with ear buds. How is it that ear buds have been invented, but safeties on guns have not?

A Grimm Legacy is not a super serious story. It's just something to enjoy and get lost in for a few hours--and that's exactly what I did. It's one of my favorite retellings that I've read in a while.

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  1. I'm not a huge fan of multiple POVs but if I can connect with all the characters, then I guess it's okay. This really does sound refreshing! Thanks for putting this one on my radar xD

    Lovely review, Gabs <33


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