Friday, January 30, 2015

Review: Mind Blind by Lari Don

Mind Blind

By Lari Don

Blurb: Ciaran Bane is a criminal with a special talent: he can read minds. But his skill comes at a price. Lucy's sister is dead: killed for a secret Ciaran's family wants buried. Her blood is on Ciaran's hands. Only together can the unlikely allies discover the deadly secret. They can run but where can they hide if they aren't safe, even in their own minds? Award-winning author Lari Don skilfully weaves a fast-paced world of secrets, power and supernatural abilities in her first book for young teens.

Genres: Young Adult, Thriller, Science Fiction, Mystery

Publication Date: May 1, 2014

Series: N/A

Pages: 303

My Rating: 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 


I was definitely not expecting to be so enthralled with this book. Usually, these types of stories end up not being my thing,(paranormals, that is) but I took a really wild chance with this book and boy did it deliver. I should take a few more wild chances, in the future, perhaps...

On second thought, maybe not. I doubt all of those books would be anywhere near the level of perfection that Mind Blind was.

First, NO ROMANCE! I have finally found something that is YA but doesn't waste its time with pointless love stories. I know I sound like a very bitter person here, but I loved that the relationship between Ciaran and Lucy stays platonic. Especially since, given their past, I would have found a romance plotline highly bizarre and a bit dysfunctional. If there are continuing books in this series, and I wish on every shooting star in the universe that there will be, I could see there being some romance eventually, but for the present, there was really only tension.

The plot was edge-of-your-seat, unable-to-put-down thrilling. I stayed up until twelve thirty reading this book. I was supposed to just start it and then go to bed, but I ended up reading half of the book because I knew that if I didn't read just a bit more, there was no way I would be able to focus on sleep. It is THAT good.

What makes it that good? First, the characters. Ciaran is my type of hero; he is at times downright unlikeable. He is flawed. But underneath all that, you can tell that he has a good heart. Plus, his character growth from scared boy to mastermind of awesomeness is great reading material.

Lucy is grieving her sister. Her hatred for Ciaran is apparent. She doesn't make the greatest decisions because of it. But her stubbornness endeared her to me. She's intelligent and she's basically the perfect balance to Ciaran.

Ciaran's family is all kinds of messed up. They are...I don't even have words for them. Once we learn more about Ciaran's past, I couldn't believe he hadn't tried to run away before, because they were awful. Ciaran and Lucy have to try and evade them--their lives depend on it--but it is rather tough when you are outrunning mindreading killing machines. Yeah, beginning to understand why this was a very exciting story?

And yet even though the storyline was so wonderful, I loved flashbacks to past events as well, because they really gave a lot of depth as to why everything was happening and answered any questions that I might have had; I didn't find them to be a distraction, I loved them dearly.

This book has alternating POVs, and though some people hate them, I think that if done right, they can make the book. Such was the case here. It was so great for learning about Lucy and Ciaran, and in this case, I didn't even have a favorite POV--I loved to read about both of them equally.

I realize, looking back on this review, that this is quite a fangirl-y review, but I just don't care. This book deserves some fangirling. Needless to say, I will be crossing my fingers for a sequel. Because I don't want to say goodbye to this story.


  1. Sweeeeet, no romance? That's such a rarity! I need this book already, for real.

    1. It definitely is! That was probably the biggest reason why I loved this book. Non-romantic relationships between guys and girls are practically non-existent at this point in YA. :/


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