Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Review: Relic by Steven Whibley


By Steven Whibley

Blurb: Fourteen-year-old Dean Curse is still having horrifying visions of people in grave danger – visions that leave him a single day to save their lives. So far, he’s considered a few broken bones and a standing appointment in group therapy to be a small sacrifice compared to the good he's done.

While learning more about the mysterious society that gave him the gift, Dean has a vision that leads him to believe a monk is going to rob a museum—if he’s right, the robbery will go very badly. But he can’t get the police to believe him. In fact, the authorities think Dean is at the root of all the trouble. Dean and his friends decide the only way to save a few lives is to take matters into their own hands, even if it means breaking a few laws. They have 24 hours to decide if the ends really do justify the means.

Genres: Juvenile/YA, Action, Adventure, Paranormal 

Publication Date: July 2013

 Series: The Dean Curse Chronicles (book 2)

Pages: 256

My Rating: 3.5 stars


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