Friday, February 20, 2015

Review: The Gossip File by Anna Staniszewski

The Gossip File

By Anna Staniszewski

Blurb: The Gossip File:

-Chandra lets little kids pee in the pool.
-Melody stole $ from the cafe register.
-Ava isn’t who she says she is…

Ava is cool. Ava is confident. Ava is really Rachel Lee who is lying her butt off.
Rachel is visiting her dad at a resort in sunny Florida and is ready for two weeks of relaxing poolside, trips to Disney World and NOT scrubbing toilets. Until her dad’s new girlfriend, Ellie, begs Rachel to help out at her short-staffed cafe. That’s when Rachel kinda sorta adopts a new identity to impress the cool, older girls who work there. Ava is everything Rachel wishes she could be. But when the girls ask “Ava” to help add juicy resort gossip to their file, Rachel’s not sure what to do…especially when one of the entries is a secret about Ellie.

Genres: Juvenile, Realistic Fiction, Humor

Publication Date: January 6, 2015

Series: The Dirt Diary (book 3)

Pages: 224

My Rating: 4 stars

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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I haven't read any of the other Dirt Diary books, though I want to. Still, I read the Gossip File because it apparently could be read as a standalone too. I liked it a lot; this is the kind of middle grade book that I really like.

Rachel is going down to Florida to see her father, and she is really excited. Except for the fact that her dad's girlfriend is ruining the whole thing, and she's lying to the group of friends she just made.

Rachel was such a relatable character. I may not have experienced much of the things that she has, but I still knew exactly how she felt when she was experiencing them herself because her emotions were explained so well. She searches for acceptance and she feels like she's getting ignored by her father; I just wanted to give her a hug. Even if some of her decisions were less than smart, I still liked her.

Another thing I liked was even though Rachel did have all this stuff going on, it never felt like it was becoming a depressing angst fest. The book always had a bit of an upbeat tone to it, and there were always little humorous bits thrown in to make the book not seem too sad.

The plot was cute. I liked reading about Rachel's intearactions with Ellie. I really didn't like that lady. It's not that she was an evil stepmother or anything, but she was such a control freak and I couldn't stand reading about her. Even in the end, when she was supposed to be shown as a really nice lady, I still didn't like her.

I didn't like the idea of the Gossip File and I wish Rachel hadn't gone along with it. You could just see that it would end up being kind of disastrous later on.

I thought the ending was maybe a bit too neat for my liking. Everything turned out so perfectly; maybe I have been getting used to YA where not everything gets perfectly resolved more times than not, but it just seemed a bit unrealistic.

This is a cute, fun read that I enjoyed a lot! Fans of middle grade should check this series out.

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