Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday (My FIRST EVER): Top 10 Books From My Childhood

 Top Ten Tuesday is a fun meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish where we list out top ten titles in a certain category each Tuesday.

This is my FIRST EVER Top 10 Tuesday Post. (And, if you cannot tell by the title, I am a little bit excited about it.) I have seen it around the blog-o-sphere FOREVER, but I never really tried it myself...until today, when I saw the awesome topic. Top 10 Books From My Childhood That I Would Love to Revisit.

My childhood was crammed full of books. I loved so many that I had a pile of thirty waiting in a pile to be photographed for this feature, but I had to narrow it down to ten. It was a tough decision, and there are more that I could think of that I just don't own, but in the end, here are the top 10 books from my childhood that I'd like to revisit:

1. Heidi

I loved Heidi. She was so sweet and loving, and I teared up more than once reading this as a seven-year-old. Not to mention the fact that after finishing this book, it was my life's goal to try goat cheese for the first time. (I did two years later, and it wasn't bad!) Also visit the Alps, but that hasn't happened yet. This copy was handed down to me from my mom's old attic, and I honestly love this particular edition more than any other I've stumbled upon. I don't know if the illustrations in here are from the original or if they are unique to this particular version, but they are so cute and they add to the overall story rather than distract from it.

 2. Millie's Unsettled Season
I got this from a friend at a birthday party and from the first page I fell in love. This is an abridged version, but it's SO MUCH BETTER than the original. I think this is definitely one of the books that can be blamed for my addiction to historical fiction. The rest of the series is also amazing, but nothing can live up to the quality of this particular book.

3. Peter Pan
 After seeing the Disney movie around twenty times, loving the play (a surprise birthday gift from my parents, and my first ever 'official' musical) I finally bought myself a copy of this book when I was nine. This is the only book where I finished it and immediately read it again. It was so magical and whimsical and unlike anything I'd ever read before. I adored it.

  4. Anne of Green Gables series
Anything by L.M. Montgomery, really, is something I'd like to read again, but considering that these are the only ones that I both own AND read in my early childhood (Sorry, Pat of Silver Bush and The Emily Trilogy, I still love you) these are the ones that I've featured. I've read them at least five times. My first reading of Anne was when I was around eight. A few months later I realized there was a whole entire series, and fell in love with those as well. You can't tell from the picture, but these are seriously well loved.

5. Swiss Family Robinson

 Looking back, there's probably no accurate way you could get ALL those animals on ONE island, but when I was seven, I didn't care. I remember crying a couple times (it was much easier for me to cry over books when I was younger, and I think the emotional scarring is why I'm tougher to crack now) and deciding that one day I was going to live in a tree house too. Yeah...that never happened, BUT I got to visit the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse at Disney World, and let me tell you, it was fantastic.

6. Crown and Jewel
Also known as 'The Book I Would Have Never Read If It Wasn't For the Fact That My Library Was Throwing It Out.' Yeah, It's not ME who beat up this book so badly. This book may not be well known, but it is fabulous nonetheless. Apparently it is the sequel to some other book, but I've never been able to find it. It's fantasy at its best, and you guessed it....I cried.

7. The Indian in the Cupboard
This was the first chapter book I ever read. I loved Little Bear dearly, and mispronounced Omri's name (I was six, cut me a break) and surprisingly DIDN'T cry. The rest of this series just doesn't compare to how magical and exciting this book was.

8.  Peter and the Starcatchers

 This is the prequel to Peter Pan, and man is it good. Peter isn't as selfish in this one, and the narrative is less out there, but I actually kind of liked that it didn't try to be a carbon copy of the original. Apparently there's a musical now...I need to see it.

9. Ella Enchanted

 I first discovered this by borrowing my friend's copy during a boring few hours at summer camp. This is by far one of the best retellings ever created. The movie is terrible in comparison to the book. Even if Anne Hathaway sings "Somebody To Love."

10. Princess Academy

It's sad that I actually just finished this series a few weeks ago. I loved reading about Miri and quarry speech in this book. It's definitely one of my favorite books by Shannon Hale.

What are some of your favorite childhood books! Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I also just posted my first top ten! You can see mine here: Most recent post on Enchanted by YA: http://enchantedbyya.blogspot.com/2015/03/top-ten-tuesday-1-books-from-my.html
    Great list :)

    1. Thanks! I think I'm going to do these regularly, they are quite fun. XD

  2. Oh! The Indian in the Cupboard! I had totally forgotten about that one! I love all the reminders that coming out of the woodwork today! It is like walking down memory lane!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. So do I, it makes me want to reread all of the books I used to read when I was younger!

  3. Totally forgot about Indian in the Cupboard! But Rilla of Ingleside made my list.
    My ttt

    1. Rilla of Ingleside was by far the saddest in the series imo, but I really loved it!

  4. I almost forgot I read The Indian In the Cupboard! I used to love that book so much... I think I might reread it just for the heck of it to remember old times :D And I love Princess Academy to this day and I still reread it!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. It was so good! Boone and Little Bear's friendship always made me so happy. Yeah, Princess Academy is definitely due for a re-read from me as well.

  5. I liked Ella Enchanted when I was younger as well, cute post!
    <3 Benish | Feminist Reflections

  6. Thanks Benish! Ella Enchanted was by far one of my all time childhood favorites.


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