Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I'm Back: New Blogging Era, New Me

Well. It’s been well over a year since I sat down at my computer and looked at my tiny little book blog. I thought I had put it behind me; I never really announced I was leaving, but it was a gradual process that felt inherently right at the time. Not to say that I didn’t have little flare-ups of missing writing about books, of course. But with my busy schedule, I couldn’t blog constantly like I used to. Not only that, but for a while I had been realizing that rather than blogging because I liked to read, I was reading because I liked to blog. Books had become a sort of necessary bother for me in order to get comments, followers…you get the drift. 

So I stopped. At the time, I thought I stopped for good. And when I say I stopped, I mean that I didn’t even read for fun anymore. I found new pasttimes and I ran with them, but I let the pile of previously-beloved novels gather dust on my unused bookshelves. 

The book bug bit me again during college when I was procrastinating studying for finals. I started to dive back in, except it was more of a toe dip. A very tentative toe dip, and the deep-end of the pool—this blog—was forbidden. I was going to read for fun, and if I didn’t like the book, I would set it down and not try to read the whole thing just so I could write a scathing but honest review. I was going to read for me and me only. 

The thing is though, this blog has a hold on me, and it changed the way that I read. I couldn’t go back to the good old days. Every book I read, I constantly would think of how I would review that book. What were the things I liked? Why did I like them? Why did I dislike this book? I couldn’t even abandon books anymore; this blog had trained me to plow through novels I hated. I was a changed girl when it came to reading, and it killed me. Ultimately, though, I decided to embrace it and come back to blogging. This time, though, with some caveats.

The thing is, even though I do want to go back to blogging, I don’t want to go back to blogging the way I did before. I hated it as much as I loved it, because it royally screwed up my love of reading. I can’t go back to that place; I am not a happy bookworm there. For this reason, I am putting some rules in place that should help me read in a happier and more organic way, without constantly worrying about stats. They are

  1. More discussions and thoughts on reading in general. That’s right; these  are going to be a significantly larger part of the blog than they were before. It’s as if I used to be scared of these posts, or simply had too much of a Netgalley queue to focus on them. Not anymore. I really enjoy doing these now, and I think that honestly, people like reading them more than a review of some book they haven’t even read yet. And speaking of Netgalley…
  2. No Netgalley. Okay, I know this one will be impossible in the long run, because I am straight addicted to that site. Free books for reviews is my crack cocaine. I’m a broke college student, so the reasons for that should be obvious. However, Netgalley makes me into a requesting monster to the point where I am backlogged on reading, and panic-read my books to have a nice review ratio. I don’t like doing that. So for now, I will ease that pressure and stay off, and when I finally can’t stay off the site anymore, I will be only requesting books I really, reaaaaallllly, want. 
  3.  Abandoning books. I said it previously in this post; I used to never do DNF reviews because I believed I needed to read the whole story before judging it. I don’t give a crap anymore though. If I hate the book by page 100, or even by page 50, I’m going to STOP. And maybe I’ll even write a review about it! But I am not going to torture myself like I used to; I really feel like this is a major part of why I was ultimately turned off to reading. 
  4. Not posting every day. I don’t even know why this previously a goal of mine; it was exhausting. I am currently thinking that twice a week is more than enough, but even then, maybe I’ll post even less as I’m getting used to blogging again. I want to be comfortable reading, and not make it a chore to meet a quota. 

Those are my resolutions for this blog (besides give it a major makeover, which is a post for a different time). I think they’re somewhat doable, and will make me happier in the long run. Do you have any suggestions for me now that I’m back in the blogosphere? Let me know down below. I look forward to getting to know everyone all over again. 


  1. Welcome back, Gabs!! I actually have a lot of the rules you've put in place for yourself governing my blog as well. I used to post every day of the week and soon it got to the point where I was writing everything a week late and backposting (just setting the date back and pretending I had it posted on time all along) which was not healthy. Now, I just post whenever I have a review to share or I have time to write a discussion post. The only day I have a set post down is 50/50 Fridays (meme day!). It's helped me so much to just relieve a lot of the pressure and relax a little. Reading is supposed to a hobby, after all! I hope everything goes well for you and I look forward to reading your discussions!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  2. Welcome back to the book blogging community :) Looking forward to all your posts especially discussion posts as those are my favorite kind of posts :) And suggestions? Well, I'd say keep blogging about what you love and I think that'll be awesome <3


    1. Thanks Uma! I'm looking forward to having people read them! :D

  3. Thanks Laura! I am excited to be back. Already I am more relaxed because of my schedule, and I'm reading to enjoy and not to review! So hopefully I'll be around for a while. I might start some meme days of my own when I'm more into the groove of things!


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