My Review Policy

My Full Bookshelf is currently accepting review requests from authors/publishers. Before requesting, however, please read the following information.

I do review indie/self published books. I only accept YA fiction requests. Adult and middle grade is very hit-or-miss for me, and for that reason I do not accept these genres.  I will also most likely not accept poetry or horror requests. 

At this time, I am accepting e-books for review (in .mobi or .pdf format, or gifted through Amazon). I will also accept physical books, but I would prefer e-books at this time as they are easier for me to receive.

If you request a review for me and I accept, I will try to have it read and reviewed within four weeks. I have many other ARCs at this time from different authors/publishers that I am also trying to get reviewed for them, so I cannot complete reviews right away. It may take time.

I promise to give an honest review of the book. This means that your book has a chance of getting a one star review from me. I do not give glowing reviews simply because I was gifted a copy, though I try not to be overly harsh in my criticisms.

My reviews include: synopsis, release date, genre(s), series, page count, my rating, and  my actual review.

The reviews are posted on all following websites: this blog, Goodreads, and Amazon.

My Rating Scale is as follows:

5 stars--I love you, book. (Usually only my favorite books get five stars)
4 stars--Great; not quite a favorite of mine, but highly enjoyable.
3 stars-- Good, but it could have been better. Slightly above average.
2 stars-- This was not fun to read, but it had some good points.
1 star--Really, really bad.

I frequently give half star reviews when I cannot choose between two ratings.

If you would like me to review your book, please contact me via myfullbookshelfreviews (at)

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